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Train Tracks At The Park - The 'D' Factor

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The Blue-Chip Express made a recent stop at Oak Park, dropping off fab frosh Dwan Mathis, a tantalizing two-sport prospect. Mathis, expected to start at quarterback for the school’s football team in the fall as a sophomore, will debut for the Knights hoops squad next week.

We’re talking 6-foot-5, mean, lean, long and ridiculously athletic. He’s such an enticing recruit on the gridiron, Cincinnati and Akron have already come in with scholarship offers before he’s even played his first varsity game. Dazzling dual threat, dynamic Diaper Dandy is an understatement with this kid.

On the basketball court, Mathis jumps out of the gym. He’ll be a total closer on the wing running the floor, a stopper on ‘D,’ and an active and agile glass cleaner.

In conclusion, keep an eye out for my man D-NICE doing his thing the next 4 years!!! ‘cause he’ll be doing DAMAGE all over the OAA before you know it!!