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Should the MHSAA Adopt Catholic League Baseball Rules?

Baseball   | Jeff Dullack

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For years now, I’ve felt that Catholic League baseball has gotten it right and what the Catholic League has been right about is simple. It’s just one difference from the normal MHSAA baseball rules.

Two strikes is a strikeout and three balls is a walk.

There are several reasons why the Catholic League baseball rules should be adopted by the MHSAA for regular season games.

Firstly and most importantly, we are in an era of baseball where coaches, teams and parents are hoping to save pitcher’s arms and rightfully so. Whether it’s injury concerns or otherwise, there are plenty of reasons why coaches, players and parents should want to save a pitcher’s arm. A simple rules change like changing the rules from four balls for a walk and three strikes for a strikeout down to the “Three and Two” Catholic League rules could easily help a coach’s cause in the efforts of limiting pitch counts and workload for a pitcher.

Time can also be factored in as a reason why the Catholic League’s three and two rules would be more beneficial if they were adopted by the MHSAA. Teams regularly schedule double-headers as a part of their seasons and in many cases, both games can’t be completed because of darkness.

A change to adopt Catholic League baseball rules seems like a simple change that not only benefits players, but also benefits teams and coaches in terms of getting games completed.