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Get To Know: Southfield Lathrup 2017 PG Deja Church

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Get To Know: Southfield Lathrup 2017 PG Deja Church


Southfield Lathrup has one of the top rising sophomores in the state, in point guard Deja Church. The 5-8 church averaged 12 points and five rebounds last season, helping the Lady a Chargers go 18-7. Church recently picked up her first offer from the University of Toledo, and will have plenty more before her high school career is over with. 

1.Nickname: "My nickname is my last name, Church."

2.Other sports you enjoy playing: "I love running track, and playing football. I have 3 older brothers who play football at the colligate level, so they have definitely influenced me, and made me such a competitive athlete."

3.Favorite television show: "I hate to say it, but Love & Hip Hop. Any reality show basically."

4.Last movie you saw, that you'd recommend: "The Purge 2. I just seen it yesterday, and it was pretty good. It really made you sit down and think about the world, society and, our government."

5.Favorite professional athlete: "Lebron James!!!! I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and I grew up watching him, and wanting to be just like him. It didn't matter if he was a boy, he just inspired me to play basketball, and I guess I can say I'm just a true LBJ fan at heart."

6.Role model: "My role models have to be my brothers. I always wanted to be just like them growing up. I always followed them around, and I always copied everything they do. Once I got older, they really taught me how to play basketball. They were always there helping me work on my game, and teaching me new things everyday. I'm really thankful to have all three of my brothers in my life, knowing I can look up to them for pretty much everything."

7.What you want to do after college: "After college I want to go into some kind of broadcasting, preferably sports. But since I'm kind of young, that can all change."

8.Favorite WNBA player: "Brittney Griner hands down! She's just so aggressive, and I love her attitude, and how she's just all about standing out and being different.

9.Favorite place to eat near your home: "Favorite place to eat is Chipotle. I would eat it everyday if I could."

10.Other hobbies besides sports: "I like sleeping. Since my life is so busy with basketball, on my free time I catch up on sleep."

11.Favorite thing about living in Michigan: "Favorite thing about Michigan is the snow. I love the winter, and I love snow days, so thats the best part unless its on a game day."

12.Dream vacation: "Dream vacation is to go to any island, and to go deep sea diving! I'm kind of a dare devil, so it would be fun to see the under water world!"

13.Best athletic achievement: "Back in 2008, my relay team placed 7th in the nation at the junior olympics. Probably one of my best memories, running track."

14.Favorite class in high school: "Favorite class is history. I love learning about different places and their history."

15.Why you wear the number on your jersey: "There's no special reason I wear any number. My AAU coach gave me a jersey long ago, No.55, and told me that it's not the number that makes the player, its the player that makes the number. So that just stuck with me."