State Champs! High School Sports Show

State Champs! High School Sports Show

Michigan show - Sunday Mornings at 9 AM on Fox Sports Detroit!! Indiana show - 10 am on Sundays on Fox Sports Midwest!!

Now Airing in Michigan and Indiana on Fox Sports!

Our premier, 6-Time Emmy Award Winning High School Sports Show! provides a weekly comprehensive look at High School Sports, including award winning videography, best in actoin game  highlights, tournaments and events, recruiting and coaching news, sports media analysis and behind the scenes scouting, and student, coaches and teacher accomplishments across High School athletics. 

We also bring you award winning feature stories that take you behind the scenes to learn more about standout student athletes, programs, and coaches, as well as in-depth media analysis on the latest coaching, recruiting, MHSAA, and NCAA news. 

And starting this fall of 2018 - we will be launching State Champs! in the Indiana market, bringing you all the best high school highlights, stories and in-depth features from the great state of Indiana. 

You can catch the High School Sports Show Michigan at 9 am on Sundays on Fox Sports Detroit, airing across the state of Michigan, The State Champs! High School Sports Show Indiana will be airing in the fall, at 10 am on Sundays on Fox Sports Midwest!.  Please view our TV and Events page for additional dates and air times. 



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