About State Champs!

About State Champs! Network

For over 20 years we have been producing high quality, Emmy award winning sports and feature shows, TV series, and radio and podcast shows, including the State Champs! High School Sports Show, a weekly, half hour TV program providing a comprehensive look at the athletic events, lives and accomplishments of high school athletes, school programs, coaches and students – have aired in both the Michigan and Indiana markets and are available now exclusively through our website, social media channels and apps streaming!

In addition to exciting highlights and interviews, we also deliver:

  • behind the scenes features on leading High School programs, outstanding student athletes and coaching excellence, including our weekly “In Focus” segment;
  • major statewide sports contests and awards including Mr. Football, High School Hockey Player of the Year, Softball Player of the Year and more;
  • in-depth regional sports media analysis and recruiting features throughout the year, including our annual “College Recruiting and Signing Day Show”;
  • and our special production feature shows – such as our “Robozone” series and our “Legends”, “Rivals”, “True Champions” series highlighting legendary coaches, classic rivalries and special athletes who overcome all odds in the pursuit of their dreams.


Award Winning Productions

State Champs! Network shows, produced by our in-house Yellow Flag Productions team (http://yellowflagproductions.com), have been the recipient of 6 Emmy Awards since 2008 for Outstanding Youth Television.

Having aired over 500 TV programs and hundreds of radio shows and podcasts, our goal is to become the Midwest’s premier high school sports and achievement media network through the promotion of youth sports, personnel development and academic and athletic achievement.

Our Emmy award winning High School Sports Show – Michigan which aired for years on Fox Sports Detroit, can now be streamed exclusively on all of our social media channels and apps.

Our High School Sports Show – Indiana which aired for years on Fox Sports Midwest, can now be streamed exclusively on all of our social media channels and apps.

Our other special features, such as the Extra Point! Football Show – a Fall show that focused solely on High School Gridiron action, our annual Recruiting and Signing Day Show, and our Legends, Rivals, True Champions, and Robozone features – have previously aired across Michigan and Indiana reaching 3-4 million households.

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State Champs! Network Team

Meet the State Champs! and Yellow Flag Productions numerous Emmy award-winning team:

Lorne Plant – Host/VP Production

Jonathon Kidd – Head of Sports Production

Social Media Manager:
Arthur Smith

Creative Graphics:
Matt Mandarino

Video Producers & Editors:
Amanda Mooradian
Chuck Pellerito
Kevin Troczynski

Media Analysts & Journalists:
Scott Burnstein
Sean Baligian
Allen Trieu
TJ Kelley
Lexi Ayala

Our Leadership Team:
Lou Bitonti – Founder & President
Jim Weissenborn – Partner
John Watson – Vice President of Sales
Steve Weissenborn – Partner & Technology/Media Advisory

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