State Champs! Network Sales department would like to learn more about your marketing and advertising plans. Please see the details of our various advertising program options below and if you would like to learn more about how to reach the high school and college sports, recruiting, esports, robotics and academic market, please complete the form and a sales representative will contact you shortly.


Multi-Channel Marketing and Advertising Programs

State Champs! Network offers a variety of multi-media, multi-channel advertising programs that provide exposure to millions of viewers, and thousands of podcast listeners and social media followers. Our 6-time Emmy Award winning High School Sports Show! airs weekly multi-sport shows for the Michigan and Indiana markets, Great Lakes Region highlights shows as well as weekly shows highlighting all of the latest action in particular sports, such as the Extra Point! Football Show, Hangtime! (Basketball) and Hockey Time. Our current OTT platforms and apps include Apple IOS, Google Play/Android, Amazon Fire, and Roku with others scheduled to be released.

We can provide companies with an array of multi-channel advertising packages that include the show opening sponsorship, sponsorship of one of the primary weekly “in-show” features (such as “In Focus” and “The Main Event!”), sponsorship of statewide sports award contests, sponsorship in our special feature shows such as ‘Legends”, and commercial advertising across the shows, web and social media platforms.

Our marketing team can work directly with your marketing representatives to review advertising options and tailor the best package to maximize your company’s exposure through State Champs! various multi-channel platforms.

Our advertising and sponsorship channels include:

  • 30 and 60 second spots (High School Sports Show!, Extra Point! Football Show as well as feature sports shows such as “Legends”, “Rivals” and “RoboZone”)
  • Sponsorship programs that provide commercials and on-air features – such as show openings and weekly “in-show” features such as “In Focus” and “The Main Event”
  • Sponsored sports and student achievement contests such as Mr. Football, High School Softball Player of the Year, Hockey Player of the Year, and student, teacher and athlete of the month recognition that are covered across TV, web and social media, and generate thousands of email marketing addresses per campaign
  • Web site banner, sidebar and skyscraper advertising including flash and video ads
  • Social media campaigns in support of TV and sports contest advertising


Sponsored Contests and Promotions

State Champs! Network partners with many companies in developing and hosting custom promotions and sponsored Sports contests and awards that can be promoted across TV, OTT, Radio, web and social media. Our state-wide sports awards/contests, such as our Mr. Football, High School Hockey Player of the Year, Softball Player of the Year, and Mr. Wresting can help deliver a company’s brand, products and services to millions of multi-channel viewers/listeners and allows fans, media, students, parents, businesses, and community members to vote for their selection of outstanding athlete/scholars in a sport.

Sports awards contests are capped with an award presentation on TV (The High School Sports Show!) with the sponsoring company’s representatives and State Champs! representatives presenting the award to the selected student athlete.

State Champs! can work with you to develop a custom promotion or Sports/achievement contest that will bring your company outstanding multi-media exposure with sports fans across the states of Michigan and Indiana.


Custom Media Productions and Live Events

State Champs! Network – through our Emmy Award winning Production company “Yellow Flag Productions“, provides full media production and HD capabilities for developing and producing feature shows, documentaries and custom advertising for businesses, colleges/schools, and institutions, including live event coverage and video streaming. We also produce high definition commercials and marketing videos for many clients.

Our custom productions and feature shows, which include “Legends”, “Rivals”, True Champions”, “Robozone”, Black History month specials, Gametime Live!, Hockey Winter Classic and other specials, provide sponsors and companies with an opportunity to expose their brand to millions of viewers highly interested in college and high school sports, athletic and scholastic achievement, and the recruiting and scouting of athletes.

We can also develop custom feature shows/productions in consultation with sponsors to help reach specific audiences they are looking to capture or special topical events they would like to sponsor. To learn more about our special feature productions, please visit us at Yellow Flag Productions.
Our Services include:

  • Custom Media Productions and Shows
  • Sponsored Programming
  • High Definition Commercials
  • Live Sports Event Coverage & Streaming (to your site and ours)

For more information please reach out to our marketing and advertising leads here.