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Baller Backcourt Check – OAA Has A Reindeer Sleigh Of Good Guards

By: Scott Burnstein, December 18, 2016, 10:31 pm
The OAA has a bevy of impressive backcourts on the boys basketball floor this winter. Let’s take a gander at some of your boy Burney’s favorite brigades of guards in the OC: 
Clarkston – Foster Loyer, Dylan Alderson & C.J. Robinson
Lethal Weapon 3……’Nuff said!!!!!
North Farmington – Amauri Hardy & Karl Patrick
A ton of “WOW Factor” from the only two players on the Raiders with any past varsity experience
Southfield A&T – Mike Flowers & Reme Tolbert (WMU-signee Flowers is sidelined with injury until after the holiday break)
Maybe the most underappreciated backcourt in Metro Detroit
Troy – Jason Dietz, Leon Ayers & Isaiah Smith
These guys are so MONEY they should consider going into business together after graduation in selling ATMs
West Bloomfield – Kevin McAdoo & Tre Harvey
Talladega Nights aka Ricky Bobby Alert: When I think of these two all I can say is SHAKE AND BAKE!!!
Hazel Park – Carl Bow, David Hearns, Devin Pettus & Cam Boatman
The Vikings’ deep crop of guards this year each has a LICENSE TO THRILL and will display at a moment’s notice
Rochester – Hunter Schlattler & Ivan Bazzara         
Bloomfield Hills – Kiewuan Graham, Justin Henry & Stone Rhoades
You can’t stop these Black Hawk BALLERS & SHOT CALLERS, you can only hope to contain them….and even that’s darn difficult!!!
Birmingham Groves – Marcus Pittman & Julian Bell
The Groves administration could easily hold the school’s games this year in a candy shop for the fact that the Pit MASTER & the BELL RINGER are as sugary sweet of a duo on the hardwood as any in the area
This pair has got so much BOOM BOOM POW they’ve got all their opponents jocking their style….please, make a note
Oxford – Ray Luvine & Jordan Jaden
Making some serious waves slicing and dicing the comp in the first two weeks of the season
Troy Athens – Taylor McCaskill & Jacob Brantley
The ‘T’ is for TERROR, the ‘B’ is for BUTTA SMOOTH, any questions?
Avondale – Dreshawn Allen & Dominic Kejbou
‘Ride or Die’ types, just plain tough, rugged, talented and smart
Pontiac – David Wilson & Deshawn Jackson
Quiet assassins plying their trade in YAKTOWN and getting MAD NICE in the process