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Bird’s Eye View Of The Crown – Bloomfield Hills Blooms Into Champions

By: Scott Burnstein, October 16, 2016, 5:00 pm
Burney is very impressed by the 8-0 Bloomfield Hills Black Hawks football squad. TEAM LORIA lassoed a leaguechampionship out of the OAA Blue back on Friday with a 42-16 lambasting of Berkley in front of an overflowing Homecoming crowd. This fall is only Bloomfield Hills’ fourth year as a program.
Dan Loria was leading the Bloomfield Hills Lahser Knights to titles on the gridiron prior to the 2013 merger. His 2016 Black Hawks club aka THE NEW-ERA PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS are snapping necks and cashing checks when it comes to the game of pigskin these days. And they have MAD BALANCE aka multiple PrimeTimePlayas4Life on both sides of the ball.
Alright, let’s ROLL CALL it:
John Paddock (QB) – All I have to say is; JOHNNY B GOOD, JOHNNY BE REAL GOOD!!
Derek Lynch (RB) – Possibly the most underrated player at his position in the whole OAA…..Yeah, I said it!!!
Kiewuan Graham (WR) – Definition of a home-run threat, turned into a superstar in ’16!!
Ty Slazinski (WR) – Definition of reliable and consistency in the passing game, sticky handed, fearless competitor
Eli Sherman (SB) – The SHERMANATOR!!!……’Nuff said!!!
Josh Jones (DE) – Goes after quarterbacks and ball carriers on the football field with the same tenacity he goes after rebounds and blocked shots on the hardwood in the winter
Paul Mucci & Patrick Najor (LB) – Prototypical ‘Heart-&-Soul’ types anchoring the ‘Hawks ‘defensive unit
Kit Martin (DB) – Mr. AUTOMATIC……brings ’Swaggy P-style’ triggering the secondary