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Boys Basketball Training Camp Report – Clarkston

By: Scott Burnstein, November 23, 2015, 11:18 pm

Foster Loyer (G) – The Phenom Act 2 should be a doozy….best, most fundamentally-sound public school point guard in the state as only a sophomore, highest hoops IQ I’ve ever seen for his age and size, will only get better, which is probably the scariest thought to enter Burney’s mind since Halloween

Dylan Alderson (G) – High-profile transfer from Davison, will team with Loyer to provide Team FIFE arguably the No. 1 backcourt in Metro Detroit, smart, court-savvy, smooth as silk

Tabin Throgmorton (G/F) – Without question the top N0. 3 option in Metro Detroit, long, lean and mean on the wing, definition of efficiency, lethal from deep and mid-range, finisher on transition, could be on the verge of becoming a lockdown defender

Mitch Heaton (F/C) – Let’s start calling this kid “The Oven” because he’s about to be a piping-hot stud in the middle for the Wolfpack, active, soft touch at the rack and extending out to the foul line, veteran, leader, ’bout to ball-out for his senior year on the hardwood

C.J. Robinson (G) – May soon develop into a go-to playmaker in the backcourt, tough, crafty, athletic, hungry….any questions?

Ryan Holmes (G) – “Glue Guy” aka “Program Guy” aka does all the little things that don’t necessarily garner giant headlines but allows the C-Town Cage Crew to be the C-Town Cage Crew aka perennial league champions, gritty competitors and final-four contenders 

Nick Wells & John Chrenka (G) – Two tenth-grade hoop hounds out of the backcourt repping a strong sophomore class

Tieler Houston (G/F) – Rise-and-Grind gunner-type on the wing, before the end of the season might end up giving the club a quick injection of energy with his long-range skills off the bench

Luke Keller, Ben Spiker & Chase Wasilk (F/C) – A few ready-to-feed big fellas in the frontcourt to augment my homeboy Mitch “The Soon-to-Be-Instant Hot Oven Pot” Heaton protecting and prowling the Wolfpack post