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Boys Basketball Training Camp Report – Oak Park Watch List

By: Scott Burnstein, November 25, 2015, 10:49 pm

Devin Mills (G: won’t be academically eligible until second semester) – Dynamic combo guard, raw talent, velvety touch, quick handle, quick release, burner to the bucket

Kalvon Fuller (F: won’t be academically eligible until second semester) – Total beast mode in the frontcourt, freakish athlete, defines the term “stretch ,“ explosive going to the tin, one of the premier power forwards in the state on pure pound-for-pound presence

Trevon Gardner (G) – crafty, composed, a leader, master of the mid-range game, will hurt defenses slashing and shooting from downtown too

Jonathan Raines (F) – fast-improving “point forward,” can do a lot of different things that cause damage,

Johnny Davis (C) – “perfect post project,”a  big fella with giant upside, Birmingham DCD transfer, active, hungry to learn and up his game

Robert Zanders & Jordan Leavell (F) – football players that play with a gridiron mentality on the hardwood…i.e. a pair of genuine SIR-GRIND-A-LOT SPECIALS

Bobby Thompson, Jr. (G) – the prototypical floor general and coach’s kid, intelligence and savvy at the point of attack

Messiah Alford (G) – ultimate “glue guy”, a jack of all trades on both ends of the court, floor-burn specialist, in-your-shorts defender, finisher on the fast break, energy guy off the bench

Bobby Walton & Dwan Mathis (G) – the fab frosh and fearless phenoms, a duo of impact freshman ready to ply their trade in the backcourt