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Boys Basketball Training Camp Report – Southfield Christian

By: Scott Burnstein, November 28, 2015, 9:00 pm

Jalen Bouldes (G) – Hard-nosed point guard, dogged defender, tough-to-guard when he gets into the paint, underrated offensive threat, smart, gritty, coachable

Marlo Brown (G/F) – No. 1 small-school player in Metro Detroit, incredibly high hoop IQ, silent assassin, the definition of fundamentally sound, flawless technique on the wing, total winner on and off the court

Bryce Washington (G/F) – Almost too good to be true that SCS has two of these two MEGA-BALLERS, Washington Monument (as in MONUMENTAL TALENT) Part I, complete package on the wing, killer instinct, plays hungry all 32 minutes

Brock Washington (G/F) – Washington Monument Part 2 (see above for credentials)

Richard Feagin (G) – Hot-shooting perimeter threat, delivers “FayGo Pops” from deep on a regular basis, improved move to the rack, instant energy, instant offense when he gets into a groove

Caleb Hunter (G) – Diaper Dandy ALERT: latest edition of highly-skilled Hunter family floor generals, in-game intelligence far exceeds his young age, outstanding feel for the game, natural distributor and hardwood traffic controller.

Matt Williams (G) – Fast-emerging Sir-Grind-A-Lot Special in the backcourt

Trenton Temple (F) – Fast-emerging Sir-Grind-A-Lot Special in the frontcourt