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Boys BBall Training Camp Report – N. Farmington Watch List

By: Jeff Dullack, November 16, 2015, 7:29 pm

Amauri Hardy (G) – High-profile transfer (one of a few), Best point guard in the OC not named Foster Loyer, lightning in a bottle, super-quick first step, deadly from downtown when he gets on a roll

Jacob Joubert (G) – A four-year starter who took a big leap in his overall game last season and will make more strides during his senior campaign…”The Junior Judge” aka “The Captain” aka “The Baby-Faced Assassin”

Billy Thomas (G) – Maybe the top pure shooter in all of Metro Detroit….Yeah I SAID IT!!….will finally get a full year in his Raiders’ digs after a mid-season prep-school transfer in 2015, look for him to pick up right where he left off as a razzle-dazzle sophomore at UD-Jesuit

Alex Darden (F) – Just a BALLER through and through, MLB Draft prospect on the pitching mound ready for his final year patrolling the paint for Team NOGO, does all the little things that get you ‘dubs, slam-dunk artist, leader, character kid….any questions?

Nate Brooks (C) – Georgia transfer about to take the OAA RED by storm, athletic freak who attacks the rim like it stole something from his mama, vicious jam junky, fast-developing post game, could be THE X-FACTOR!!

Josh “Baby Hoags” Hogans (G) – Possibly the No. 1 sixth man in the whole OAA, silky-smooth stroke, deadeye marksmanship (I swear this kid shot 70 percent from the field last year), spunky, high-energy, clutch, Vinnie Johnson-status aka Instant Heat aka  if he was 6-foot-2, he’d be going D1

Obi Duru (G) – UD-Jesuit transfer who started on the last season’ final four squad, fundamentally sound, jack-of-all-trades type that always gives something positive in his play

David Ford (F) – Back in the fold after a year out-of-state, stands 6-foot-2, plays much taller, much improved since he last donned a NF uni as a sophomore in 2014

“Lefty” & “Righty” Tcholakian (F) – This pesky pair of reserves always seem to be at the right place at the right time

De’on Jenkins (C) – Wide load to clog up the middle off the bench, aggressive, strong, probably a future D2 or D3 college football player

Jimmy Doig & Darryl Dunlop (G) – “Glue Guys” aka “Program Guys” aka SIR-GRIND-A-LOTS!!

*Hardy & Darou’s immediate eligibility is currently being decided by the MHSAA