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Boys BBall Training Camp Report – Rochester Adams

By: Scott Burnstein, November 19, 2015, 10:29 pm

Spencer Littleson – Duquesne-commit and OC Splash Brother No. 1: ready to rip and roar one final season tickling the twine for Team HALL….consummate pro on the court, high hoops IQ, fearless, consistent, cagey, can connect from 3-point range like his name was Steph Curry, leader, unselfish-type of star player, will play a “point forward” for HIGHLANDERSNATION in ‘16

Joey Ziniti – AKA Joey ZaZa aka Z-BALL FOR-3BALL AKA OC Splash Brother No. 2: gritty gunner, workhorse from the perimeter on both ends of the hardwood, all class, all the time, Z-Factor is the X-FACTOR, he’s Klay Thompson, just watch!!

Mike Girdler – A rare-form of Sir-Grind-A-Lot in the backcourt, the ultimate “glue guy,” constant pest for opponents, constant motion on the floor, nails-tough on the trap, finisher at the rack, underrated set-up man, money from beyond the arc

Adam Slating – Gutty presence in the paint, banger extraordinaire, great at using his physical strength and body size to his advantage  

David Rinke – In store for a GINORMOUS campaign on the blocks, good height, long, active, soft touch, fundamentally sound, plucky rebounder, closer near the rim

Joey Prechtel – Baseball star lacing up his sneakers and could be a major lift off the bench in the frontcourt

Antonio Rosado – Athletic sparkplug coming off the pine ready to spell Girdler, ZaZa Ziniti or Steph Curry…er… Spencer "Laser Focus" Littleson