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Burney’s Boys Basketball Rankings – Power Ball Jackpot

By: Scott Burnstein, January 9, 2017, 6:55 am
The Super 10
1. Clarkston (7-0) – C-Town is the place TO BE Town in 2017!!!
2. Detroit U-D Jesuit (5-2) – Coach Donnelly’s Cubbies are still really, really good!!
3. Grand Rapids Christian (4-0) – James Beck is in BEAST MODE 24-7, please make a note!!!
4. Detroit East English Village (5-0) – Taking no prisoners….’Nuff Said!!
5. Kalamazoo Central (5-0) – Eye of the tiger…..an expression that embodies the Maroon Giants this year!!
6. East Lansing (6-0) – It helps when you could have the No. 1 overall player on the floor repping your squad (Yeah, I’m talking about you, Brandon (B-REAL) Johns…..keep doing what you do, bro!!!)
7. River Rouge (8-0) – ROUGE might be a RIVER of hoop dreams come March Madness time
8. Flint Beecher (5-2) – Per usual going up against these guys is no day at the BEECH, to put it mildly
9. Saginaw (6-1) – SagNasty’s cage crew is typically NASTY this winter
10. Muskegon (5-0) – The Big Reds are in a BIG-TME ZONE on the hardwood…….toasty!!