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Burney’s Boys BBall Rankings – Oakland County Elite

By: Scott Burnstein, January 6, 2016, 2:04 pm

The OC Top 10 – January 2016

1. Clarkston – Wolfpack POWER about to go into OVERDRIVE, be afraid, be very afraid

2. North Farmington – So many fine and fearsome guards it’s downright scary, Burney’s been sleeping with the lights on lately just thinking about it

3. Southfield Christian – Plays as hard and smart as any team in the state regardless of class size and has the entire Josh Baker Era

4. WL Central – TEAM SPOLSKY is once again a TERROR on the hardwood

5. RH Adams – Spencer Littleson for MR. BASKETBALL 2016….’NUFF SAID!!

6. Southfield – Welcome back Coach Avery (missed ya, buddy, the Southfield sidelines weren’t the same without you the last few years), junior Mike Flowers is a bad, bad man, his game is straight FILTHY

7. West Bloomfield – Lakers’ junior wing Kevin McAdoo is really impressing his boy Burney so far this winter, Can you say Lethal Weapon 2 (along with "Action" Jackson)

8. Holly – Ian Hodges is a SUPER underrated playmaker and hoop assassin that you need to know about, please make a note!!

9. Stoney Creek – Best group of outside bombers in the area…….Yeah, I Said It!!

10. WL Western – Delano Smith is blossoming into a superstar, Don’t say Burney didn’t warn you