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Burney’s Oakland County Football Rankings – Back To My Old Stomping Grounds

By: Scott Burnstein, October 5, 2016, 8:20 pm
Oakland County Top 10 – Week 7
1. Detroit Catholic Central (6-0) – ROCK NATION RULES!!…..Any questions? Didn’t think so
2. WL Western (5-1) – Destination: Ford Field…..’Nuff Said!! 
3. Birmingham Groves (6-0) – Senior quarterback Beau Kewley is as cool as the other side of my pillow in the pocket,we’re talking Mr. Freeze over here in Falconland
4. RH Adams (5-1) – Highlanders flying high once again…..seems about right!!
5. OL St. Mary’s (4-2) – I think the term you’re looking for is ‘THREE-PEAT,’ yeah, that’s it 
6. Oak Park (4-2) – Junior offensive lineman Marquan McCall is MCAWESOME is the trenches….please make a note!!
7. Clarkston (4-2) – C-Town is ALWAYS the place to be town in the fall, this year is no different
8. Birmingham DCD (6-0) – Steve Mann is THE MAN!!
9. Lake Orion (4-2) – ‘No Name Nasties” in the hizzie!!
10 (tie). Southfield A&T (3-3) – Can easily run the table and raise a trophy in the playoffs
10 (tie). Ortonville Brandon (5-1) – The Z-FACTOR is all I have to say!!