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FIVE FOR FIGHTING – Scott Burnstein’s Top 5 Football Players in the Macomb Area Conference

By: Scott Burnstein, August 9, 2018, 4:00 pm
FIVE FOR FIGHTING – The Top 5 Football Players in the MAC
1. Marcel Lewis (Chippewa Valley Sr. LB) – Best linebacker prospect Macomb County has seen in at least a decade, YEAH, I SAID IT!!! Upside with this kid is on the moon!!
2. Austin Brown (Madison Heights Madison Sr. QB) – SO FRESH, SO CLEAN slinging that pigskin it is downright frightening!!!
3. Braiden McGregor (Port Huron Northern Jr. DE) – Could be the most destructive pass rusher in the state’s whole Class of 2020 crop. Just a JJ-WATTAGE SPECIAL who goes HAM on offensive lineman like he was Porky the Pig.
4. Brock Horne (Romeo Sr. LB) – Relentless, ferocious, tenacious……any questions?
5. David Ellis (Chippewa Valley Sr. WR) – As cool as the other side of my pillow stretching the field, in other words MAD ICEY!!!