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Five For Fighting – Small Forward Power Rankings

By: Scott Burnstein, December 12, 2016, 1:16 pm
FIVE FOR FIGHTING – The Top Small Forwards In The State On The Boys Basketball Court
1 Jamal Cain (Detroit Cornerstone 6-foot-7 Sr.) – When people use the term ‘cooler than the other side of a pillow,” they’re talking about Cornerstone swingman KILLA CAIN   ………signed with Marquette
2 (tie) Marcus Bingham (Grand Rapids Catholic Central 6-foot-9 Jr.) – Gets Burney’s “INTERGALACTIC  AWARD” aka this kid has an upside that resides on the moon, we’re talking next, NEXT level skill set….Yeah, I said it!!!!!
2 (tie) Romeo Weems (New Haven6-foot-6 ½ Soph.) – No. 1 overall sophomore in the state, Triple S Special scintillating, sensational, sublime……oh, and a Triple D Special, diverse, dynamic, determined 
3 Gabe Brown (Belleville 6-foot-7 Jr.) – Scary potential, on the verge of being a ‘blasting cap extraordinaire’ in the frontcourt, an inside-outside threat with ice in his veins
4 James Beck (Grand Rapids Christian 6-foot-7 Sr.) – Sugary sweetness on the wing…..”Nuff Said!!!        ………signed with Oakland University
5 Keion Epps (Wayne Memorial 6-foot-6 Sr.) – ‘Heat Check Hustla’ on both ends of the floor, 0-100 dandy in the open court, crafty slasher with fierce finishing ability at the rim …….signed with Eastern Michigan