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Five For Fighting – Still Posted On The Recruiting Trail (Class of 2017 Hardwood Bigs)

By: Scott Burnstein, February 8, 2017, 12:23 am
FIVE FOR FIGHTING – The Top 5 unsigned senior big guys on the state’s boys basketball floor
1. Jack Ballantyne (Macomb Dakota 6-foot-9) – Can you say steal? Need I say more?
2. Nate Brooks (North Farmington 6-foot-7) – The newest member of the state’s 2017 recruiting crop fresh from Georgia….a high motor, outstanding coordination, natural athleticism and raw power around the rim allows this Peach State SUPERSONIC Sleeper Special to play much bigger than his actual size
3. Levane Blake (Flint Beecher 6-foot-8) – The ‘B’ is for BALLER, BRUISER and BONAFIDE stud on the block
4. Kristian Lafayette (Hazel Park 6-foot-9) – Definitely a next-level project, but this string bean is oozing with potential so I suggest someone take a flyer on this kid and you could have the next Keith Benson on your hands
5. Treveon Orr (Detroit King 6-foot-8) – Maybe the most improved big fella in the PSL, has made great strides in his game since last season and is reaping the benefits