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Into The Lions’ Den

By: Scott Burnstein, September 6, 2015, 11:44 pm

Not only did South Lyon claim a comeback win in Week 2 at home over Waterford Mott, the Lions and the entire Jungle community claimed a piece of Burney’s heart, too.

What a great town, with great people. So, here’s the scoop: while waiting for the weather delay that never lifted Thursday night (the game was completed Friday afternoon), my car’s batter died. Burney was literally stranded in the middle of a thunder-and-lightning storm in an emptying South Lyon HS parking lot. Well, just when I thought my luck was in the gutter for the evening, a Lions grandparent came to the rescue.

Senior WR-DB Chris Morgan’s grandpa is a saint. Morgan’s Big G-POPPA came through with a gargantuan effort in the clutch for Burney, literally driving home to get his tool kit and a pair of jumper cables to get me back on the road without having to call for a towtruck or Triple A. The man was a savior. And what a guy, just the kindest, most easy-going and willing-to-help gentleman I’ve met in a long time. Chris please give gramps a GINORMOUS hug and kiss for your boy Burney in honor of him saving my day (or shall I say night) last Thursday. Go Lions!!