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Jackson Deserves The Chance To Head Alma Mater’s Hoop Program

By: Scott Burnstein, April 5, 2016, 2:56 pm

Jermaine Jackson will be a very good DI men’s college basketball coach when he takes over at UD-Mercy in a couple weeks.

That’s right, Burney’s calling his shot. Jackson, one of the all-time great Titans, is going to be at the helm of the program soon. I think it’s a great fit.

Is the 39-year old Jackson a lightning rod for discussion amongst area hoop heads? No question, he is.

But he knows the game, the X&Os, he relates to the kids, he’s energetic and has an excellent eye for talent.

You can’t doubt his pedigree either: former NBA’er, UDM captain, Horizon League MVP, PSL all-stater out of Finney, etc….In his two years as a head coach at the local prep level on the bench at Mt. Clemens, he built a powerhouse (45-4 overall record), while ruffling some feathers with how some of his players landed under his tutelage with the Bathers.

Oh, yeah, one of those former players, his son, Jermaine, Jr, now balling up a storm at Macomb Dakota (see 2015 final four run), would most likely follow his dad to Titanville, so that could be an X-Factor in the hiring process in JJ, Sr.’s favor too. Book it, both Jacksons will be anchoring the UDM ship by next summer.