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Just A Thought – Looking Back

By: Scott Burnstein, April 20, 2016, 4:10 pm

Almost a month removed from the Class A boys basketball championship, it’s intriguing to think how state finalist North Farmington would have fared with Nate Brooks in the lineup. I think the Raiders would have probably won it all!

Brooks, a 6-7 junior power forward from Georgia, was enrolled at NF in the fall. He left back for the Peach State on the eve of the season due to eligibility questions – his whole family moved to Michigan in September but he departed back down south to live with his grandmother so he wouldn’t have to miss any time on the court. 

The kid was a beast, dunking and rebounding everything in sight. His presence in the paint next to MLB prospect Alex Darden would have most likely given Team NOGO the top frontcourt in the state. The kind of post attack that would have given state champ UD Jesuit a real run for its money. Might have been a better, more diverse on the block tandem than Jesuits Nigerian Nasties (Ike and Greg). The game would certainly been significantly closer in margin. 

Do the math yourself : Raidersnation could have had the No. 1 backcourt and No. 1 frontcourt in the MHSAA.  That equals a state crown IMO!!