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MHSAA releases classification changes for 2020-21 school year

By: , April 20, 2020, 11:22 am

The Michigan High School Athletic Association released its classification changes for the 2020-21 school year on Monday. 

A total of 17 schools are moving up one classification, while one — Detroit Cornerstone Lincoln King Academy — is moving up two, from Class D to Class B. Fifteen schools are dropping down one classification, and six schools — Bay City Academy, Boyne City Concord Academy, Detroit Cornerstone Lincoln King Academy, Lansing Martin Luther, Detroit Collegiate and Redford Westfield Prep — will be postseason eligible for the first time in the fall. 

There are 188 schools in each of the four classes.

Each class also gained one new member — for the 2019-20 school year, there were 187 schools in each class.

The breaking points between classes went down a bit from 2019-20:

Class A: 831-plus (2020-21) | 863-plus (2019-20)

Class B: 392-830 (2020-21) | 395-862 (2019-20)

Class C: 182-391 (2020-21) | 189-394 (2019-20)

Class D: 181-below (2020-21) | 188-below (2019-20)


The football divisional breakdown was also released, as under the new playoff format, the divisions will be set before the start of the season, rather than after the regular season, as they had been since 1998.

Division 1: 1,497 and above (65 schools)

Division 2: 1,140 to 1,496 (65 schools)

Division 3: 808 to 1,139 (66 schools)

Division 4: 598 to 807 (66 schools)

Division 5: 446 to 597 (66 schools)

Division 6: 364 to 445 (66 schools)

Division 7: 267 to 363 (66 schools)

Division 8: 266 and below (66 schools)


Moving up:

(Class B to Class A)


Harper Woods



(Class C to Class B)


Canton Prep

Dearborn Riverside Academy West

Detroit Pershing

Detroit Edison



(Class D to Class C)

Birmingham Roeper

Detroit Academy of the Americas

Detroit Southeastern

Detroit the School at Marygrove

Eau Claire


New Buffalo

Painesdale Jeffers


(Class D to Class B)

Detroit Cornerstone Lincoln King Academy


Moving down:

(Class A to Class B)

Battle Creek Harper Creek



(Class B to Class C)

Adrian Madison

Detroit Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

Grand Rapids Wellspring Prep


Otisville-LakeVille Memorial




(Class C to Class D)

Benton Harbor Countryside Academy


Detroit Douglass

Detroit Public Safety Academy

Indian River Inland Lakes