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Ready To Rumble – Fighting Their Way Up The Charts

By: Scott Burnstein, June 24, 2016, 10:31 am
Five prep hoopsters upping their stock on the recruiting trail so far this spring:
Brandon Wade (AA Skyline G) – Looks more like a MHSAA version of DWade lately, “BK” is in MEGA BALLER MODE and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon
Lamar Norman (Wyoming Godwin Heights G) – Pure lethality in the backcourt, smooth, heady slasher & fearless finisher with a knack for finding the bottom of the bucket,
Trevion Williams (Henry Ford Academy F) – Out of Nowhere & Destined for Stardom Award Pt. 1, just a specimen with a Sir-Grind-A-Lot spirit and unreal potential, attacks the rim and the glass with reckless abandon
Gabe Brown (Belleville F) – Out of Nowhere & Destined for Stardom Award Pt. 2, this reserve as a sophomore last winter is ready to blossom into a got-to on the block in ’17, putting in serious work recently on the AAU-camp circuit
Jaron Faulds (Holt C) – Absolutely KILLING IT patrolling the post!! Maybe biggest upside of any ‘big’ in the state (all due respect to the Nigerian Nastys at state-champ U-D Jesuit)….any questions?