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Same Name, Same Rain, New Game

By: Scott Burnstein, January 21, 2016, 11:00 pm

Practically everybody around the statewide prep hoops scene knows Ben Kelso (former Detroit Cooley star, coach, 3 state titles on the bench, retired NBA’er, etc..). Now, it’s time to introduce you to his offspring, specifically his son, Jalen.

Let me give it to you straight – Jalen Kelso is a certified killer on the basketball court. The super soph is the ultimate scoring point guard and pacesetter, a diverse backcourt gem already garnering attention from the college scouts. Not to mention the fact that he and his dad and bringing back baller pride to Pontiac, the once great bastion of hoopdum that lost some of its’ identity before they got there last year.

Can you say the ultimate Coach’s kid? Talent and hoop IQ by the boatload, upside out of this stratosphere.  

So far through his sophomore campaign, ‘Yaktown is 9-1, gunning for a league crown in the OAA White, while Killer Kelso is cutting up the comp with a 16-point, 8-dime, 3-swipe per night average.

Trust your boy Burney, it’s only going to get sweeter with a double dose of Kelso protecting the Phoenix Cage Kingdom these days!!