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STATE CHAMPS! SCOUT TEAM: Shooting the Breeze >> Nasty Hoosier net-rippers delight

By: , July 17, 2020, 10:00 am

Burney gives you a list of shooters to watch for on the boys basketball floor this summer:

(In alphabetical order)

Luke Brown (Blackford 6-1 Sr. G) — The best pure shooter in Hoosierland, plain and simple. Lights up defenders like a pinball machine. One of the top scorers and shooters to ever lace ’em up in IHSAA history.

Marcus Davidson (Ft. Wayne Blackhawk Christian 6-1 Sr. G) — This small-school silent assassin might be the best shooter in the state that you don’t know about but should ASAP. The consummate competitor and get-in-where-you-fit-in guy who can bust a 20-spot in your eye without blinking.

Lincoln Hale (Linton-Stockton 6-4 Sr. G) — This Indiana State commit might be the best DI commit in Hoosierland you don’t know about but need to ASAP. Fire in his fingertips, gets heated in a hurry. 

Hunter Johnson (South Decatur 6-2 Jr. G) — License to thrill, gritty gunner with a quick trigger and ice in his veins.

Rasheed Jones (Marion 6-5 Jr. G/F) — Brimming with tantalizing upside, all the tools for superstardom on the wing, fast-improving from deep.

Andrew Kroft (Richmond 6-2 Sr. G) — Consistency, efficiency, “Cool Hand Luke” type with a knack for the big play.

Fletcher Loyer (Homestead 6-5 Jr. G) — The New Kid On The Block is about to knock your socks off Hoosierland. Back in Michigan, they called him “Mr. Automatic,” and you will see why very soon. Be afraid, be very afraid. Missouri offered this week.

Foster Mefford (Southwestern 6-2 Sr. G) — Committing to Bethel over the weekend, Mefford is a lean, mean, shooting machine, able to put defenders on their heels with his mid-range and long-range marksmanship.