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The Film Doesn’t Lie, Let Us Take A Look

By: Scott Burnstein, February 7, 2016, 7:00 pm

In my list of complaints with and desired improvements for the MHSAA, the way they deal with their archival game footage is near the top. The high school governing bodies in Illinois and Indiana post dozens of their respective state’s best tourney games in history on YouTube for the masses to enjoy. We’re talking mostly football and basketball and the memories these games evoke are special, specific to the eras in which they occurred and really only goes to improving and heightening your brand awareness. All positives.

You wanna see Isiah Thomas in his prep days tearing up the court for St. Joe’s in the Chi, just go to the Illinois High School Athletic Association’s YouTube page. You wanna see Kevin Garnett getting busy as a prepster in his Farragut uniform, you can do the same. For footage of Glen “Big Dog” Robinson, Oscar “The Big” Robertson, Scott Skiles, Gary Harris, Zach Randolph or Eric Gordon in their high school glory all one has to do is click on The Indiana High School Athletic Association YouTube page.Now, go to the MHSAA YouTube page. You’ll see some small clips of a handful of great games, but no full ones, or anywhere near the selection you can find with their counterparts in Illinois and Indiana.

Come on guys, get it together. This needs to be a priority for all us hoop head history buffs that want to see guys like Spencer Haywood, Glen Rice, Chris Webber, Terry Mills, Shane Battier and Mateen Cleaves putting in work during their high school heydays.

The footage is there in your vaults, just make it available to the masses, instead of letting it just sit collecting dust in some basement vault up in Lansing.  The good news is last year when Burney asked some MHSAA administrators about the possibility of getting that type of footage posted for public consumption, they told me it was being considered. Please, fellas, make this happen ASAP. Do it as a personal favor to your boy Burney!!!