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The ‘Jays’ Nest Is Far From Full

By: Scott Burnstein, March 2, 2016, 7:39 pm

It’s scary to think what Southfield’s boys basketball team might have had in store for itself in 2016. The current Blue Jays hoop troop is 9-10, scrappy and not a squad to be taken lightly. That’s mainly because of junior standouts Mike Flowers (24 pts per game) and Reme Torbert (16 points per game). But let’s remember who should be there in Blue Jay Land right beside them on the hardwood.

Okay, there’s the obvious:

Junior combo guard Amauri Hardy, maybe the best backcourt prospect in Metro Detroit in the Class of 2017, transferred to North Farmington back in the fall.

Senior forward Miguel Priest, another college recruit, left for prep school last summer.

But what about Josh Jackson. Yeah, that JOSH JACKSON, the No. 1 player in the United States of America, who started high school locally in the private-school ranks at Detroit Consortium (2014 Class C state title) and is now at prep school in California. He lives in Southfield, went to elementary and middle school in Southfield and had he gone to public school would be a Blue Jays cager as I write this.

Wow, that’s a starting five that would take the state by storm. I’d go as far as saying, that unit could compete with any team in the Midwest, maybe in the whole country.

Jackson, Hardy, Priest, Flowers and Torbert. My, what could have been!