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BOYS BASKETBALL: Ward jumps from Det Southeastern to Det King, set to head Crusaders on the bench in ’15

By: Jeff Dullack, May 1, 2014, 8:00 am
DETROIT –  The past five years George Ward has been on the bench at Detroit Southeastern, leading the Jungaleers into the Class A state championship game twice during that span.
Despite all the success, for Ward, it was time for a change.
That change won’t be one that includes a far drive though, as Ward accepted the head coaching position at Detroit King this week.
Ward is taking over at King for Pierre Brooks and will also be the school’s Dean of Students.
In a press release issued by Detroit Public Schools Wednesday, he made it clear the decision was about stability.
“There was too much uncertainty there (Southeastern),’’ he said. “I didn’t have any real firm commitment as to what my future looks like there. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not trying to get a great college job. I’m really here serving for the kids in Detroit. This (Southeastern) community has been like family. But I didn’t want to look up in July and August and be without a job.”
Ward expects to bring his entire coaching staff from Southeastern with him to King next winter. The breeding ground for talent in the neighborhood surrounding his new school played a part in his choice to make the move as well.
“A lot of talent walks through those doors every year,” Ward said. “King is a school with a great football program and a great athletic program. Ultimately we’re looking to make the basketball program really special. We’re looking to take it to state and national prominence. That’s the objective.”
While Ward has experienced plenty of success during his time on the sidelines, first at Detroit Central and then at Oak Park and Southeastern, he had an incredibly prosperous hooping career himself during his days as a prepster. When he was at Detroit Cooley in the late 1980s, his clubs won back-to-back Class A state championships (1987, 1988).