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BURNEY’S BOYS BASKETBALL POWER RANKINGS: Top 15 shooting/combo guards in IHSAA for 2018-19

By: Scott Burnstein, December 1, 2018, 4:35 pm

Burney’s Top 15 Shooting Guards-Combo Guards In The IHSAA

1 Armaan Franklin (Indianapolis Cathedral Sr.) — Signed with Indiana University, Franklin is the total package at the two spot.

2 Brandon Newman (Valparaiso Sr.) — Signed with Purdue, Newman is straight NASTY with the rock in his hands.

3 Alex Hemenway (Newburgh Castle Sr.) — Signed with Clemson, Hemenway is the definition of a crafty gunner with an itchy trigger finger.

4 Trey Galloway (Culver Academy Jr.) — As fierce, focused and technically-flawless shooting the rock as anyone in Hoosierland.

5 Dre Davis (Lawrence Central Jr.) — Signed with Nebraska, Davis should be registered with the state as a lethal weapon.

6 Luke Kroft (Richmond Sr.) — Signed with Ball State, Kroft can kill defenders in so many ways its downright scary!!

7 Jaden Ivey (Mishawaka Marian Jr.) — Blossoming into a star, burning rubber in the process.

8 Manuel Brown (Warren Central Jr.) — High-impact transfer, high-powered prospect.

9 Jared Hankins (Lawrence North Sr.) — Signed with Indiana State, Hankins can grip it and rip it with the best around.

10 Anthony Leal (Bloomington South Jr.) — B-Town Baller Alert!!! … ’NUFF SAID!!

11 Jalen Blackmon (Marion Soph.) — The best Blackmon hoopster yet?

12 Jalen Windam (Indianapolis Ben Davis Sr.) — Signed with Georgia St., Windam is a whirling dervish out of the backcourt.                     

13 Kenny Tracy (Decatur Central Jr.) — Ninja-like quickness and instinct on both the hardwood and the gridiron.

14 Julien Hunter (New Albany Jr.) — The next big thing in the New Albany baller world.

15 Colson Montgomery (Southridge Jr.) — Too hot to handle, too cold to hold.



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