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D2 WRESTLING: Lowell wins record sixth straight state championship by edging No. 2 Goodrich

By: Dan Stickradt, February 23, 2019, 9:45 pm

KALAMAZOO — This one is for the record books.

One of Michigan’s premier wrestling programs over the past 25 years, top-ranked Lowell captured its MHSAA-record sixth straight team state championship Saturday with a 29-23 in the Division 2 state finals at Wings Arena.

Jeff Leach walked out onto the mat at 135 pounds and defeated Goodrich’s Carson Turnbow 9-2 to put the final touches on the sixth straight state crown.

“I knew what I had to do,” said Leach. “It was an opportunity and I knew I had to win for my team.”

Lowell’s impressive resume features nine state crowns over the past 17 seasons, 15 state finals appearances over the past 21 seasons including six runner-up trophies, a total of 18 Final Four runs in 25 years and appearances in 19 state quarterfinals over the 27 seasons.

“It’s about these kids and how hard they work. Then again its the same thing that the other coaches will say that come from the top programs in the state,” said Lowell coach RJ Boudro. “The kids really do work hard. And we have a great coaching staff all the way down to the youth levels. I am proud to be part of it and

Goodrich reached the state finals for the first time since bumping up to Division 2 a few years ago. The second-seeded Martians, ranked third entering the postseason, won back-to-back Division 3 titles in 2008 and 2009 and finished as the state runner-up in both 1997 and 1999.

Still, Goodrich came up just short against one of Michigan’s marquee programs.

“I think the worst part about it is that we wrestled so well and tough and we came up short,” said Goodrich coach Kenneth Sirignano. “That’s the worst part. To come that close and come up short — we did that in 2016 (a state quarterfinals loss), we did it again today, and that’s the worst part of it. They should have been rewarded for what they did, but that’s life and that’s a life lesson. They’ve really learned a lot this year, and I’m really proud of them. I just wish they could have had it.”




140: Avry Mutschler (Lowell) tech. fall Colin Austin 18-3; 145: James Fotis (Lowell) d. Dominic Edwards 6-0; 152: Doak Dean (Lowell) d. Sam Fisher 7-2; 160: Austin Boone (Lowell) by void; 171: Juwan Vines (Goodrich) d. Jacob Lee 10-7; 189: James Penfold (Goodrich) d. Derek Mohr 10-3; 215: Honour Kline (Goodrich) maj. dec. Jacob Hough 14-6; 285: Blake Coffell (Goodrich) d. Tyler Delooff 3-2 (OT); 103: Ramsy Mutschler (Lowell) d. Ryan Angelo 8-2; 112: Nicholas Korhorn (Lowell) p. Zion Cheff 1:18; 119: Cameron Macklem (Goodrich) maj. dec. Bryce McCune 13-3; 125: Carson Richards (Goodrich) d. Zeth Strejc 6-3; 130: Caleb Teague (Goodrich) d. Dawson Jankowski 5-0; 135: Jeff Leach (Lowell) d. Carson Turnbow 9-2.

RECORDS — Lowell 22-3; Goodrich 32-6.




125: Chayse LaJoie (Gaylord) d. Zeth Strejc 3-2; 130: John Henry Sosa (Gaylord) d. Dawson Jankowski 4-3; 135: Jeff Leach (Lowell) tech. fall Kaeden Yocum 15-0; 140: Avry Mutschler (Lowell) p. Caleb Preston 5:39; 145: Doak Dean (Lowell) maj. dec. Cody Starks 14-5; 152: James Fotis (Lowell) d. Dimitri Smith 21-14; 160: Austin Boone (Lowell) by void; 171: Jacob McKnight (Gaylord) p. Jacob Lee 2:34; 189: Cade Foster (Gaylord) d. Derek Mohr 5-2; 215: Aurelius Krumholz (Gaylord) d. Jacob Hough 8-4; 285: Tyler Delooff (Lowell) d. Austin Kettlewell DQ; 103: Ramsy Mutschler (Lowell) maj. dec. Gabe Thompson 9-1; 112: Bennett Sides (Gaylord) d. Nicholas Korhorn 10-9; 119: Will Sides (Gaylord) d. Bryce McCune 4-2.

RECORDS — Lowell 21-3; Gaylord 28-2



125: Carson Richards (Goodrich) d. Matt Foddrill 3-0; 130: Caleb Teague (Goodrich) p. Devonte Stone 0:28; 135: Carson Turnbow (Goodrich) d. Ronald Slater 6-3; 140: Luke York (DeWitt) d. Colin Austin 3-1; 145: Tyler Brandt (DeWitt) d. Dominic Edwards 8-3; 152: Sam Fisher (Goodrich) p. Andrew Ainslie 1:38; 160: Quenten Hall (DeWitt) by void; 171: Juwan Vines (Goodrich) d. Jacob Brandt 11-7; 189: James Penfold (Goodrich) d. Chandler Murton 8-4; 215: Honour Kline (Goodrich) maj. dec. Zachary Hasse 16-5; 285: Blake Coffell (Goodrich) d. Anthony Munoz 4-1; 103: Cael Weinzweig (DeWitt) maj. dec. Ryan Angelo 16-3; 112: Kiefer Kolito (DeWitt) p.  Zion Cheff 2:42; 119: Cameron Macklem (Goodrich) p. Brandon Hopper 0:29.

RECORDS — Goodrich 32-5; DeWitt 17-6