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Family Affair: Detroit Cass Tech Seniors Damon Webb and Deon Drake To Watch MSU vs. OSU Game Together With Families

By: , December 6, 2013, 2:45 pm

DETROIT – Big Ten rivals Michigan State and Ohio State will square off Saturday night in Indianapolis for the conference title.

The game is important to fans of both schools, but it takes a special affect on two high school teammates out of Detroit.

Cass Tech seniors Damon Webb, and Deon Drake have accomplished a lot together on the football field. In two seasons, they have won 24 games, made two state semifinal appearances, and captured a city and state title.

“Drake and I have a great relationship on and off the field,” Webb said. “That is my brother for life.”

Their high school careers are over, and both players have been fortunate enough to receive a college scholarship for football. Ironically, their schools of choice are Michigan State, and Ohio State respectively.

Webb is ranked as one of the top 50 players in the country, and turn down offers from Michigan, LSU ,and Michigan State to become a Buckeye. Drake didn’t receive an Ohio State offer, but the versatile linebacker and running back did have a Spartan offer, and committed to then last September.

Webb and Drake are fully aware that their schools are playing on Saturday, and said the jarring back and forth has been none stop.

“We have been talking a lot of trash this week,” said Webb. “We have been going back and forth everyday.”

Ohio State comes in ranked as the No.2 team in the country, and favorites to beat Michigan State. Of course Webb said the Buckeyes will win too, and although I wasn’t able to reach Drake for some quotes, I’m sure he believes his underdog Spartans will prevail.

“It’s going to be a good game I think,” said Webb. “I have Ohio State winning 24-17.”

The rivalry doesn’t just end with the players either. When the game comes on Saturday night, the two families will be watching it together at the Drake’s house.

“I’m not sure who’s idea it was,” Webb said. “But I think it will be great and a lot more entertaining.”

The idea actually came from Deon’s dad, Deon Drake Sr. The two families could be seen at every Cass Tech football game cheering for their children, and now they’ll be going against each other for three hours.

“Yes me and the Webb’s will be watching the game at my house,” said the oldest Drake. “I tease Mr.Webb with a picture of Damon and Deon at Michigan State when they got their offers.”

Damon’s dad, Damon Sr., is just as proud to have his son go on to play at Ohio State next year. There wasn’t a game you would see him at where he wasn’t wearing a Buckeyes hat, or talking Ohio State.

Even Damon’s mother, Stephanie Webb, gets in on the rivalry, but believes the relationship the two have built is far more important than football.

“It’s very important to continue those relationships,” she said. “They are competing against each other but still have that bond. You see it with the Cass Tech alumni games”.

Their sons might be playing for rival schools in the future, but you’d be hard pressed to find more supportive parents than the Webb’s and the Drake’s. To traveling with Damon around the midwest on the camp circuit, to helping Deon recover from his knee injury suffered last November.

“I’m very proud of Deon Jr.,” his father said. “He has put a lot into school and football, and I watched him rehab his ACL like a machine running wild.”

“He kept setting high goals for himself, and he will be representing the USA in Texas on February 7.”

Despite the outcome of the game Saturday between Michigan State, and Ohio State, both programs are getting high character players, and it starts at home with the parents.