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FIVE FOR FIGHTING — The Top 5 Boys Basketball Players Under 6-0 In Metro Detroit

By: Scott Burnstein, May 25, 2023, 2:14 pm

1 Lance Stone (Detroit Renaissance 5-10 Jr.)— Cool as the other side of the pillow, iceman cometh in the clutch

2 Wade Robinson (Pontiac Notre Dame Prep 5-11 Sr.)— Natural scorer with an incredibly high bball IQ

3 Moses Blackwell (Warren Lincoln 5-10 Jr.) — Just oozes primetime playmaker the second he walks in the gym

4 Leroy Blyden (Detroit U-D Jesuit 5-10 Jr.)— The next Sonny Wilson, a fearless point guard with all the intangibles for greatness

5 (tie) Mason Parker (Troy 5-10 Jr.)— Definition of a gunner, quickest trigger in the OAA, out-thinks the comp to overcome his lack of size

5 (tie) Isaiah “Zip” Hines (Orchard Lake St. Mary’s 5-10 Sr.) — High-motor baseline-to-baseline, plays slick on both ends of the floor