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Foor’s lone goal leads Fenton past Trenton, into Division 2 state championship game

By: Cameron Billes, June 9, 2015, 11:26 pm

West Bloomfield– One shot made all the difference for Fenton in the Division 2 state semi-finals against Trenton.

The score was tied 0-0 in the second half when Fenton put one on the scoreboard.

Chloee Foor buried a shot off her left foot at the 16:48 mark into the bottom right corner of the net on an assist from Brianna Costigan. 

“Bri (Costigan) and I have played for a long time together, so we can just make eye contact and I knew she was going to pass it to me, so yeah I was looking for it,” Foor said. 

Fenton head coach Matt Sullivan said after Foor’s goal, his team changed its game plan. 

“At that point we packed it in and just tried to slow the game down and limit their chances,” Sullivan said. “They threw extra forwards up, so we threw extra defenders back and you know just try to match up their numbers. And so we got lucky it worked.”

Foor’s goal was the only one that was needed for Fenton, as they held on to beat Trenton 1-0. 

“Their entire life they’ve been playing together and they just know each other so well,” Sullivan said. “As soon as Bri picked her head up, (Foor) took off and it’s just a great pass and a great finish. I mean those guys have done it before and they’re special to watch, there’s no doubt.”