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FOOTBALL: Cass Tech Wins Division I Playoff Opener, Defeating Grosse Pointe South 37-3

By: Lauren Beasley, October 26, 2012, 12:00 am

The first week of the Division I Football playoffs kicked off last night and one of the games to see was Cass Tech versus Groses Pointe South, playing in their forst Division I playoff game. But if you were looking for a close game, you might want to check with the Technicians defense. They showed up in lockdown mode and did not give up a touchdown. And due to some great running by junior running back Gary Hosey (3 rushing touchdowns) and sophomore running back Michael Weber (2 rushing touchdowns), Cass Tech was able to easily put away Grosse Pointe South 37-3.

In the first half, Grosse Pointe South received the ball first but was unable to capitalize, a theme that would play out throughout the game. Around the 7 minute mark, Cass Tech (8-2) was able to gain some momentum follwing a Grosse Pointe South fumble. Sophomore running back Michael Weber was able to rush for a 30 yard touchdown to put the Technicians on the board, the only scoring in the first 12 minutes of play. Cass Tech was unable to conver the extra point but led 6-0.

With a minute left in the first quarter, Cass Tech sophomore quarterback Jayru Campbell was picked off and Gross Pointe looked to respond. Grosse Pointe South executed a 38 yard touchdown through the air on their next possession but due to a holding penalty the touchdown was taken away. Around the 5 minute mark Cass Tech was able to get on the board again when junior running back Gary Hosey rushed for a 2 yard touchdown. Cass Tech went for the two point conversion, increasing their lead to 14-0. With less than 2 minutes in the first half, Gross Pointe South put together an effective drive but the Tehcnicians stiffened up, forcing the Blue Devils to settle for a field goal, making the score 14-3. But Cass Tech responded quickly on the next posession, when sophomore running back Michael Weber broke free or a 47 yard touchdown. Grosse Point South tried to get down the field quickly before time ran out in the first but they fumbled the ball which Cass Tech recovered ending the first half with a 21-3 lead.

At the start of the second half, Cass Tech received the ball first but was unable to score the entire third quarter. And despite a better defensive effort in the second half, Grosse Pointe South continued to struggle in the third quarter with penalties and turnovers. Around the two minute mark Grosse Pointe South quarterback Richie Kish was picked off by junior linebacker Deon Drake putting an end to the third quarter.

Cass Tech looked to capitalize off the Grosse Pointe South turnover, driving down the field, but the Blue Devils dug in and forced Cass Tech to settle for a Liam McIlroy field goal which increased their lead to 30-3. Cass Tech added one last touchdown, when junior running back Gary Hosey rushed for a 38 yard touchdown and after converting the extra point, giving Cass Tech the win, 37-3.