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High school athletics get boost from ballot box around the state

By: MATTHEW B. MOWERY, May 6, 2020, 11:14 am

Sometimes, it takes a situation like we’re currently in to remind us how much we rely on high school athletics. Voters seem to have taken that to heart — and their pocketbooks — across the state on Tuesday, as several districts’ bond initiatives passed, setting the stage for capital improvements to athletic facilities. 

Grand Blanc’s $87 million bond will fund massive upgrades to the athletic facilities [pictured], including a remodeled aquatic center and a turf field, among the upgrades to the football stadium.  

The Otsego district got a nearly $23 million bond pass, which will allow for the resurfacing of the high school track, the construction of a new aquatic facility, and the repurposing of the old pool into additional athletic courts and a STEM work area.

Vicksburg’s more than $41 million bond will fund improvements like new turf for the football stadium and other athletic field improvements, among the upgrades across the district.

Muskegon’s $104.7 million bond will allow for artificial turf installation at 100-year-old Hackley Stadium, and a new auxiliary gym at the high school, among its athletic upgrades. 

Caledonia’s $88 million bond will allow the district to partner with the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids to operate a new athletic complex with an aquatics center.

Wyoming Godwin Heights’ $13.9 million bond includes money to renovate the high school’s baseball field. 

Garden City’s $50 million bond provides funds to improve athletic facilities, as well as restore the high school’s pool.

Warren Woods district’s $45.5 million bond includes money to continue the upgrades in athletic facilities started with the bond passed in 2017.