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IHSAA conducting three-part free clinic for aspiring prep football officials

By: STATE CHAMPS! STAFF, December 9, 2020, 10:10 am

With the continued assistance from the Indiana Sports Corp, the IHSAA is conducting a virtual clinic for all interested aspiring middle/high school football officials during the Big Ten Championships in Indianapolis.  

Those completing the training program will be enrolled in the IHSAA’s scholarship program for officials, receiving a free license and state level official as their mentor.  

This will be a three-part FREE clinic:  

December 14, 2020 — 7 to 8 pm ET: Introduction [virtual meeting]

•  Basic introduction to the profession

•  Keynote speakers to address the attendees


April 12, 2021 — 7 to 8 pm ET: Steps to Training and Licensing [virtual meeting] 

•  IHSAA mentor assigned

•  IHSAA FB uniform purchased by Indiana Sports Corp.

•  Licensing resources and exam preparation by IHSAA Clinicians


June 26, 2021 — 9 am to 4 pm ET Clinic (in-person)at Marian University

•  Final Exam completion with IHSAA Clinicians

•  Live field work with IHSAA/IFOA state clinicians 

•  Final licensing for 2021 season 

To register, CLICK HERE.