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In the shadows of greatness: Both Center Grove and Carmel have great supporting casts around their superstars

By: Matthew B. Mowery, January 17, 2019, 8:00 pm

The powerhouse boys basketball squads at Carmel and Center Grove have true superstars in John-Michael Mulloy (Butler) and Trayce Jackson-Davis (Indiana), respectively, without question the two best big fellas in the state, but they also both have superior supporting casts — guys that are thriving in the shadows and making life miserable for opposing defenses.

Carmel (11-0) unleashes a crafty crew of SWAG NASTIES on the perimeter in Karsten Windlan, Drew Owens, Luke Heady and Pete Suder. Center Grove (11-4) has smooth-groove specialists like Justin DeGraaf, Ben Nicoson, Spencer Piercefield, Cam Petty, Luke Doyle, Ben Greller and Tayven Jackson, Trayce’s baby bro.


Carmel second-billing baller roll call:

Karsten Windlan — Wowing in the backcourt with his lethal combination of grit, killer instinct and scoring ability.

Luke Heady — The prototypical pace-setter at the point, smart and tough.

Drew Owens — Can you say professional sniper? Shooting the lights out from downtown this winter.

Pete Suder — This fantastic freshman is flourishing fast on the wing.


Center Grove second-billing baller roll call:

Justin DeGraaf — Experiencing a breakout junior season in the frontcourt, has all the right moves.

Ben Nicoson — Signed with the University of Indianapolis, “NOTHING BUT NYLON NICO” is a fierce floor general that does all the little things that are necessary for a team to win, the type of kid that is all heart and hustle.

Spencer Piercefield — Can get heated in a hurry shooting the rock, cash money in crunch time.

Cam Petty, Luke Doyle, Ben Greller — Quintessential “glue guys,” each is the definition of what a plucky role player is.

Tayven Jackson — The next great hoopster to grace The Grove!! … Wait for it … Boom goes the dynamite!!