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Junior small forward Josh Jackson is “Going back to Cali”

By: Branden Hunter, July 10, 2014, 6:31 pm

DETROIT – While we all anxiously await NBA free-agent Lebron James’ decision, high school junior Josh Jackson has finally made his. For months it had been speculated that Jackson would be leaving the state of Michigan to play elsewhere, and today he confirmed those rumors to be true. 

The 6-foot-7 small forward played his first two seasons in high school at Detroit Consortium, and said in an interview with 1Nation TV, that he wouldn’t be returning to the small charter school for the 2014-2015 school year. 

"I will not be at Consortium," Jackson said towards the end of the video. "I will be out in California."

The video quickly ended before Jackson could say another word, and "stay tuned" popped on the screen, meaning another video interview of its kind could be on its way. It’s no secret that Jackson isn’t allowed to talk to the media, a decision made by his family and high school coaching staff, so the video was a way to get his story out without having to talk directly to reporters.

Most high school players don’t garner the same type of attention that Jackson does, but when you’re the No.1 player in the class of 2016, as ranked by, it’s hard to live a normal life. Jackson also helped lead Consortium to a Class C state basketball title this year, the first in school history. In a game against Detroit Country Day, Jackson had a stat line of 39 points and 27 rebounds, letting you know the caliber of player he truly is. 

Jackson, who was born in San Diego, has also been rumored to be reclassifying back into the class of 2015, but nothing regarding that topic has been confirmed yet.  I reached out to Jackson for a comment, but my request to talk wasn’t returned. Maybe Jackson is waiting for Lebron to announce where he is going, then he will follow suit.