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LTU To Honor Specs Howard On August 27th

By: STATE CHAMPS! Sports Network, August 17, 2022, 2:27 pm

When Jerry Liebman was born on April 8, 1926, nobody could have predicted that this child from a small town in Pennsylvania would grow up to become radio pioneer, educator, friend, mentor and more importantly to us, “Specs Howard”. Specs helped so many of us pursue our passions and establish our careers. Now it’s our turn to honor and celebrate Specs as we carry on his vision to future generations. Please join us as you are cordially invited to a special night honoring Specs Howard along with our new partners and friends at Lawrence Technological University (LTU).

We are thrilled to let you know about a special celebration. On Saturday, August, 27, 2022 as prelude to the LTU Blue Devils first football game of the season, we are hosting a special event just for Specs Howard Alumni, past instructors, staff, students, Hall of Famers and special guests. We hope you will be able to join us at 5:00pm, for a tailgate style BBG, as we gather together to honor Specs Howard. Please RSVP online by Friday, August 19 at: or call 248.204.2401.

The celebration continues at the game itself at 7:00 starting with a coin toss and tribute to Specs Howard. This all takes place in front fans, friends and members of the Specs Howard Family. The family will be honored by sitting with LTU President and CEO, Dr. Tarek Sobh. Additionally, the first 100 Specs Howard alumni to register to attend will receive a special commemorative coin with the Specs Howard classic radio button on one side and the LTU brand on the other, celebrating the university’s 90 years.

Dr. Sobh wants to honor Specs Howard and newly minted [email protected] program throughout the day on the 27th. That will mean, among other things, showing testimonials on the scoreboard throughout the game. If you would like to share your story and thank Specs yourself, please click on this link.

Please use this space to put a video together and share with us. This will be developed into an overall presentation and shown on the big screen during the game. Specs Howard and his family will be so excited and honored to see your face and hear about your journey.

We are all excited to witness and participate in this new era of carrying on the Specs Howard legacy. We hope you will join us and, together, we can celebrate Specs Howard and his contribution to the impact on the careers of thousands in broadcast media and design fields. We hope you will join us on August 27th to show your Specs Howard pride along with your gratitude and appreciation for a gentleman who changed generations in the areas of broadcast media, radio, and design.