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MHSAA reverses ruling on Waterford Mott transfers

By: Tom Markowski, May 24, 2017, 2:29 pm

Those at the Michigan High School Athletic Association, specifically Executive Director Jack Roberts, have reversed a ruling with regards to the two students who transferred from Clawson to Waterford Mott earlier this year.

Initially the MHSAA ruled that two students from Clawson who transferred to Mott would be ineligible for 180 school days beginning with Aug. 1, 2017. At the time Roberts ruled that the move was athletically motivated.

Roberts has since had a change of heart stating that he has since received more current information with regards to the two students in question.

In a letter sent to administrators at Mott and at Clawson Roberts said, in essence, that upon review and further thought that the two students in question will be eligible the next, or fall, semester.

The reasoning is threefold.

One, Roberts said there were factual errors in the two initial MHSAA reports. Two, the issues surrounding the transfers goes beyond athletics and are practical in nature with regards to transportation to and from a particular school. And, three, the appeal registered by Mott administrators provided information to the MHSAA that was not presented earlier with regards to residency.