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MIDWEST RECRUITING: Burney asks why everyone is sleeping on Warren Central QB Jayden George

By: Scott Burnstein, October 19, 2018, 9:25 am

Despite the Grade-A gunslinger bloodline and the gaudy numbers, Warren Central senior quarterback Jayden George could be the best prep signal caller without a single scholarship offer, not just in the state of Indiana, but across the whole Midwest region of the country.

The 6-foot-2 fireballer of a field general has thrown for 2,482 yards and 35 touchdowns. He only has two picks and is completing 65 percent of his passes while Warren Central sports a gleaming 9-0 record and a national ranking.

His dad, Jeff George, spent 14 years playing quarterback in the NFL, leading the league in passing yardage back in 1997. His big bro Jeff Jr. is currently a quarterback in the DI ranks (Illinois-Michigan-Pitt.)

I’d call Jayden a “diamond in the ruff dandy” however he’s not hidden from anyone — he’s in plain sight, under center routinely dissecting defenses at the IHSAA’s premier pigskin power in 2018, surrounded by teammates that are highly coveted (see: WR David Bell, OL Justin Britt) and have scouts coming out by the droves.  And it’s not like he’s sneaking up on people as a senior, because last year he threw for 1,525 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Oh, and he’s got heart and resolve. When Roman Purcell, the state’s top quarterback in the Class of 2020, transferred to Warren Central over the summer from Cathedral and tried to take his job, George said ‘not so fast,’ and beat him out in camp.

The results have been a masterpiece so far this season. Jayden George has been going ALL ANDREW LUCK on the comp on a regular and doesn’t appear to be ready to slow down any time soon. That’s bad news for whoever draws Warren Central throughout the playoffs and for the stat man’s work load punching the numbers.

What am I missing? The tape on this kid doesn’t lie. He’s a natural. The arm, the mind, the accuracy, the toughness … they’re all there in spades. Can you say TURKEY DAY MODE 24/7 (the gun attached to his shoulder acting as the carving fork, obviously)?

Here’s what I do know:

Whoever ends up landing this guy at the next level is going to be in for a pleasant surprise. That’s the opposite of Fake News. He’s the genuine article on the gridiron. Furthermore, the school’s sleeping on him will regret it and scouts will be kicking themselves for missing the boat on JG3, especially since the 411 was right there for everyone to witness and appreciate all along.