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Rockford forfeits game with Saline due to mass illness to team members

By: Lenny Padilla, August 26, 2016, 11:30 am


Rockford – The game between Rockford and Saline was cancelled on Friday evening due to a mass illness that crippled the Rockford roster.

The game between two Division 1 football powers will not be made up.

“Under the advisement of the Director of the (Kent County Health Department), I placed restrictions on which players could participate in the football game, using the 48-hour standard for symptoms,” Rockford superintendent Michael Shibler said in a statement on the school’s web site. “After discussing this with Head Coach (Ralph) Munger, it is his position that the game not be played due to the large percentage of athletes affected by the illness. I support Coach Munger’s position, therefore, the August 26 home opener has been cancelled. This will result in Rockford forfeiting the game, keeping in mind that safety and the health of our athletes is more important.”

Saline was 11-1 last season before falling in a Division 1 regional final to Canton. Rockford was 8-4 last season, winning its two playoff games before falling to Grand Ledge in a Division 1 regional.

“My staff and I continue to work aggressively with the Director of the Kent County Health Department and his colleagues to identify the cause of the illness among our varsity football student-athletes,” Shibler said.