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Seaholm, Bloomfield Hills go undefeated in Volleyball Invitational

By: Ashley Raymond, September 28, 2013, 12:00 am

It was an early morning for six Oakland county schools in the gymnasium at Walled Lake Central.  Having to put your heart and soul on the floor at 8 AM to compete in Saturday’s Varsity Invitational wasn’t a problem. Seaholm, Walled Lake Northern, Walled Lake Western, Bloomfield, West Bloomfield and Walled Lake Central kicked up the intensity from round 1 matches.

To start the day Walled Lake Western couldn’t hold on against Seaholm. Game 1 Seaholm with the win 25-15. Game 2 WLW stepped up the defense, scoring big to get passed Seaholm on some powerful spikes but fell 25-23. Seaholm wins match 1 round 1.

Walled Lake Central played Bloomfield Hills in their first match of the day. Unfortunately for the Vikings, home advantage wasn’t in their favor. The team fell in game 1 25-17. The Vikings looked to come back in the second match but fell 25-21. 

Walled Lake Northern played West Bloomfield in their first game of the morning. The Knights put the beating on the Lakers 25-15 in game 1 and looked to shut the door fast in game 2 with a 25-17 victory.

Round 1 winners went to Seaholm, Bloomfield Hills and Walled Lake Northern.

Moving to round 2, Walled Lake Northern began their match up strong against the top ranked BHHS team but  fell 25-21. The team couldn’t overcome the Blackhawks size, power and skill causing them to fall 25-20 in game 2.

Walled Lake Western not only continued their winning streak in round 2 but had the loudest cheering section. The Warriors took game 1 with a 25-20 lead heading into game 2. The Lakers took to the floor in the second game on defense to make sure they stayed in the game. Dive after dive, the team looked to be victorious. However the Warriors wouldn’t let the strong defense stop them, finding holes in the court. Western win 25-21.

Walled Lake Central looked to put some home court advantages on the floor in round 2 against Seaholm to show their opponent whose home their in. Unfortunately for the Vikings the tactic failed to intimidate the Maples. Seaholm won the first match in one of the quickest games of the day, beating the Vikings 25-8. Game 2 Central came back fighting in one of the closes matches of the day. Seaholm continued their undefeated streak 25-23.

Round 2 winners include Bloomfield Hills, Walled Lake Western and Seaholm. Of the trio, Seaholm and Bloomfield Hills, the only teams undefeated.

Heading into the final round, Walled Lake Central matched up against West Bloomfield to get their first W of the day in the second match. The Vikings fell in match 1 25-21 to the Lakers but won 25-12 pushing them into 3 for a tiebreaker. Central had some key spikes and blocks but fell 25-18 to end the morning.

Walled Lake Northern looked for their second win of the morning against the undefeated team from Birmingham but was knocked out fast in game 1 with a 25-6 loss. The team fought back, in the second match up but fell with a 25-24 loss.    

Last game of the day went to Walled Lake Western and Bloomfield Hills. The matchup was the longest game of the morning and according to Bloomfield Hills head coach, it was the “ best matchup between schools at the Invitational” and the “best competition he’s ever seen.” The game continued into the third match as a victor couldn’t be named after 2. In game 3, the Blackhawks held on the be victorious and undefeated on the morning  with a 25-23 win in game 3.

Seaholm and Bloomfield Hills were the only teams of the day to go undefeated.