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Several of the top athletes in the Detroit area share what their fathers have taught them on Father’s Day

By: Branden Hunter, June 15, 2014, 11:44 am

A father’s responsibility is to support and protect the family as the head of the household. He should did his responsibilities to keep the family functioning in a positive manner. It is not only the responsibility of a mother to take care of the children in a family, it is the fathers responsibility as well. Children who lack the proper care and guidance will end-up doing harmful things in future.

But luckily for some of the top male and female athletes in the area, they don’t have to worry about not having a bright futures, as they have fathers who have been there step for step with them. In honor of Father’s Day, I asked seventeen of the best male and female athletes in the Detroit area what one lesson their father has ever taught them in their short lives. The response was awesome, and well worth a read.

Pontiac High 2015 defensive back Ja’Mar Antwine (photo of him, his dad Jermaine, and grandfather on a Michigan State visit)
"There is always somebody somewhere else working, so never stop or take a break".

Detroit Henry Ford 2015 shooting guard Josh Davis:
"He taught me how to do everything I do to the fullest and to the best of my ability. To not take any days off, and to do what it takes to lead and not follow. I appreciate everything that he has taught me to become successful, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make him happy."

Orchard Lake St.Mary’s 2016 linebacker Daelin Hayes:
"Discipline! If nothing else, my father has always been a strong promoter of being a disciplined individual."

Wyandotte Roosevelt 2016 wide receiver Donnie Corley:
"He taught me how to be a man, and to stay on my grind."

Farmington High 2016 linebacker David Reese II:
"Sharing his knowledge, from him being there before and making mistakes, and giving me the keys to success. He helped me not to not bump my head as often, and I learned if I listen, positive outcomes will occur."

Southfield High 2015 athlete Ray Buford Jr.:
"The importance of hard work."

Farmington High 2016 defensive back Jakkar Jackson:
"He has taught me to be mature, and to act like a young man."

Detroit Cass Tech 2015 running back Mike Weber:
"One important thing my dad taught me was to never be satisfied, and always do something to better yourself. Not just in football, but in life also."

Detroit King 2015 linebacker Tyriq Thompson:
"It’s really simple. He makes sure I stay humble, and doesn’t let any hype get to my head. He tells me to always be a leader, to make my own path, and not be a follower."

Chandler Park Academy 2016 wide receiver Jalen Martin:
"He’s taught me to fear no one, and stay loyal to the ones that will stay real with me."

Detroit Renaissance 2016 shooting guard Siyeh Frazier:
"One thing he taught me was to take care of my priorities, and what’s important in life."

Farmington High 2015 defensive back Kario Salters:
He told me to not make the same mistakes he did, and to never give up. A man is only as good as his word."

Detroit King 2015 softball pitcher Alaina Williams:
"My dad taught me to never let anyone discourage me from doing something that I want to do."

Detroit East English Village Prep 2016 running back Nate Boleware:
"He taught me how to be a good student athlete, and to stay in my books."

University of Detroit Jesuit 2015 quarterback Ryan Brand:
"That the biggest thing a man can earn is respect."

Oakley W. Best middle school 2019 QB Sam Johnson:
"He taught me that no matter what, remain humble and be willing to learn."

Brother Rice 2015 quarterback Alex Malzone:
"He pushed me to work hard, and taught me how to stay humble".