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STATE CHAMPS! picks the 2021 MHSAA boys basketball district winners

By: MATTHEW B. MOWERY, March 23, 2021, 5:14 pm

Like we’ve done in the past, and back in the fall for football, we’re going to take a stab at picking the winners in each of the 128 boys basketball districts. As of now, we only have two entrants in the contest — digital managing editor Matthew B. Mowery and director of social media David Bodine (executive producer Lorne Plant’s picks are coming, which is why there’s a spot saved) — but we’ll add the others, if they get in on the game. We’ll tally how we do throughout the postseason run, and pick each round, as we go.

Here are the picks for the district round:



District 1:

MOWERY: Traverse City Central

BODINE: Marquette

PLANT: Traverse City Central

District 2:

MOWERY: Midland

BODINE: Midland

PLANT: Midland

District 3:

MOWERY: Flint Carman-Ainsworth

BODINE: Flushing

PLANT: Flint Carman-Ainsworth

District 4:

MOWERY: Grand Blanc

BODINE: Davison

PLANT: Grand Blanc

District 5:

MOWERY: Clarkston

BODINE: Clarkston

PLANT: Clarkston 

District 6:

MOWERY: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

BODINE: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

PLANT: Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

District 7:

MOWERY: Walled Lake Northern

BODINE: Walled Lake Northern

PLANT: White Lake Lakeland

District 8:

MOWERY: Hartland

BODINE: Howell

PLANT: Linden

District 9:

MOWERY: Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern

BODINE: Rockford

PLANT: Rockford

District 10:

MOWERY: Muskegon

BODINE: Grand Haven

PLANT: Muskegon

District 11:

MOWERY: Zeeland East

BODINE: Zeeland East

PLANT: Zeeland East

District 12:

MOWERY: Caledonia

BODINE: Caledonia

PLANT: Caledonia

District 13:

MOWERY: Kalamazoo Central

BODINE: Kalamazoo Central

PLANT: Kalamazoo Central

District 14:

MOWERY: Richland Gull Lake

BODINE: Coldwater

PLANT: Richland Gull Lake

District 15:

MOWERY: East Lansing

BODINE: East Lansing

PLANT: East Lansing

District 16:




District 17:

MOWERY: South Lyon East

BODINE: South Lyon East

PLANT: South Lyon

District 18:

MOWERY: Ann Arbor Huron

BODINE: Belleville

PLANT: Ann Arbor Huron

District 19:

MOWERY: Northville

BODINE: Detroit Catholic Central

PLANT: Northville

District 20:

MOWERY: Westland John Glenn

BODINE: Livonia Stevenson

PLANT: Livonia Stevenson

District 21:

MOWERY: Brownstown Woodhaven

BODINE: Brownstown Woodhaven

PLANT: Brownstown Woodhaven

District 22:

MOWERY: Riverview

BODINE: Allen Park

PLANT: Riverview

District 23:

MOWERY: Taylor

BODINE: Divine Child

PLANT: Taylor 

District 24:

MOWERY: River Rouge

BODINE: River Rouge

PLANT: River Rouge

District 25:

MOWERY: Birmingham Brother Rice

BODINE: North Farmington

PLANT: North Farmington 

District 26:

MOWERY: University of Detroit Jesuit

BODINE: University of Detroit Jesuit

PLANT: University of Detroit Jesuit

District 27:

MOWERY: Warren De La Salle

BODINE: Warren De La Salle

PLANT: Warren De La Salle

District 28:

MOWERY: Hamtramck

BODINE: Hamtramck

PLANT: Detroit King

District 29:

MOWERY: Rochester Hills Stoney Creek

BODINE: Rochester Hills Stoney Creek

PLANT: Rochester Hills Stoney Creek

District 30:

MOWERY: Chippewa Valley

BODINE: Chippewa Valley

PLANT: Troy Athens

District 31:

MOWERY: St. Clair Shores Lake Shore

BODINE: St. Clair Shores Lake Shore

PLANT: Roseville

District 32:

MOWERY: Macomb Dakota

BODINE: Macomb Dakota

PLANT: Macomb Dakota



District 33:

MOWERY: Escanaba

BODINE: Escanaba

PLANT: Escanaba

District 34:

MOWERY: Kingsley

BODINE: Boyne City

PLANT: Kingsley

District 35:

MOWERY: Big Rapids

BODINE: Big Rapids

PLANT: Ludington

District 36:

MOWERY: Standish-Sterling

BODINE: Standish-Sterling

PLANT: Standish-Sterling

District 37:




District 38:

MOWERY: Freeland

BODINE: Carrollton

PLANT: Carrollton

District 39:

MOWERY: Bridgeport

BODINE: Frankenmuth

PLANT: Frankenmuth

District 40:

MOWERY: Corunna

BODINE: Corunna

PLANT: Corunna

District 41:

MOWERY: Muskegon Orchard View

BODINE: Muskegon Orchard View

PLANT: Muskegon Orchard View

District 42:

MOWERY: Coopersville

BODINE: Fremont

PLANT: Fremont

District 43:

MOWERY: Grand Rapids Catholic Central

BODINE: Grand Rapids Catholic Central

PLANT: Grand Rapids Catholic Central

District 44:

MOWERY: Grand Rapids South Christian

BODINE: Wyoming Godwin Heights

PLANT: Grand Rapids Christian 

District 45:

MOWERY: Stevensville Lakeshore

BODINE: Stevensville Lakeshore

PLANT: Stevensville Lakeshore

District 46:

MOWERY: Benton Harbor

BODINE: Benton Harbor

PLANT: Benton Harbor

District 47:

MOWERY: Otsego

BODINE: Otsego

PLANT: Otsego

District 48:

MOWERY: Parchment

BODINE: Parchment

PLANT: Parchment

District 49:

MOWERY: Lansing Catholic

BODINE: Lansing Catholic

PLANT: Lansing Catholic

District 50:

MOWERY: Williamston

BODINE: Chelsea

PLANT: Williamston

District 51:

MOWERY: Battle Creek Pennfield

BODINE: Battle Creek Pennfield

PLANT: Marshall

District 52:

MOWERY: Onsted

BODINE: Jonesville

PLANT: Jonesville

District 53:

MOWERY: Blissfield

BODINE: Blissfield

PLANT: Carleton Airport

District 54:

MOWERY: Romulus Summit Academy

BODINE: Romulus Summit Academy

PLANT: Romulus Summit Academy

District 55:

MOWERY: Dearborn Advanced Tech

BODINE: Dearborn Advanced Tech

PLANT: Dearborn Advanced Tech

District 56:

MOWERY: Detroit Edison

BODINE: Detroit Edison

PLANT: Detroit Edison

District 57:

MOWERY: Redford Union

BODINE: Redford Union

PLANT: Redford Union

District 58:

MOWERY: Ferndale

BODINE: Ferndale

PLANT: Ferndale

District 59:

MOWERY: Eastpointe

BODINE: Eastpointe

PLANT: Eastpointe

District 60:

MOWERY: Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy

BODINE: Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy

PLANT: Harper Woods Chandler Park Academy

District 61:

MOWERY: Pontiac Notre Dame Prep

BODINE: Cranbrook Kingswood

PLANT: Pontiac Notre Dame Prep

District 62:

MOWERY: New Haven

BODINE: New Haven

PLANT: New Haven

District 63:

MOWERY: Croswell-Lexington

BODINE: Marysville

PLANT: Croswell-Lexington

District 64:

MOWERY: Goodrich

BODINE: Goodrich

PLANT: Goodrich



District 65:

MOWERY: Painesdale Jeffers

BODINE: Painesdale Jeffers

PLANT: Painesdale Jeffers

District 66:

MOWERY: Iron Mountain

BODINE: Menominee

PLANT: Iron Mountain

District 67:

MOWERY: Charlevoix

BODINE: Charlevoix

PLANT: Charlevoix

District 68:

MOWERY: Oscoda

BODINE: Oscoda

PLANT: Oscoda

District 69:

MOWERY: Maple City Glen Lake

BODINE: Elk Rapids

PLANT: Maple City Glen Lake

District 70:




District 71:

MOWERY: Beaverton

BODINE: Beaverton


District 72:

MOWERY: Shelby

BODINE: Shelby

PLANT: Shelby

District 73:

MOWERY: Muskegon Western Michigan Christian

BODINE: Ravenna

PLANT: Ravenna 

District 74:

MOWERY: Breckenridge

BODINE: Breckenridge

PLANT: Breckenridge

District 75:

MOWERY: Pewamo-Westphalia

BODINE: Pewamo-Westphalia

PLANT: Pewamo-Westphalia

District 76:

MOWERY: Fennville

BODINE: Grand Rapids Covenant Christian

PLANT: Grand Rapids Covenant Christian

District 77:

MOWERY: Schoolcraft

BODINE: Schoolcraft

PLANT: Schoolcraft

District 78:

MOWERY: Watervliet

BODINE: Watervliet

PLANT: Watervliet

District 79:

MOWERY: Comstock

BODINE: Kalamazoo Christian

PLANT: Kalamazoo Christian

District 80:

MOWERY: Centreville

BODINE: Centreville

PLANT: Centreville

District 81:




District 82:

MOWERY: Leslie

BODINE: Leslie

PLANT: Leslie

District 83:

MOWERY: Michigan Center

BODINE: Michigan Center

PLANT: Michigan Center

District 84:

MOWERY: Hanover-Horton

BODINE: Hanover-Horton

PLANT: Hanover-Horton

District 85:

MOWERY: Clinton

BODINE: Clinton

PLANT: Clinton

District 86:

MOWERY: Erie Mason

BODINE: Erie Mason

PLANT: Erie Mason

District 87:

MOWERY: Ypsilanti Arbor Prep

BODINE: Ypsilanti Arbor Prep

PLANT: Ypsilanti Arbor Prep 

District 88:

MOWERY: Riverview Gabriel Richard

BODINE: Riverview Gabriel Richard

PLANT: Riverview Gabriel Richard

District 89:

MOWERY: Detroit Pershing

BODINE: University Liggett

PLANT: Detroit Pershing

District 90:

MOWERY: Detroit Loyola

BODINE: Detroit Loyola

PLANT: Detroit Loyola

District 91:

MOWERY: Warren Michigan Collegiate

BODINE: Warren Michigan Collegiate

PLANT: Warren Michigan Collegiate

District 92:

MOWERY: Memphis

BODINE: Memphis

PLANT: Memphis

District 93:

MOWERY: Kingston

BODINE: Kingston

PLANT: Kingston

District 94:

MOWERY: Flint Beecher

BODINE: Flint Beecher

PLANT: Flint Beecher

District 95:

MOWERY: Hemlock

BODINE: Hemlock

PLANT: Hemlock

District 96:

MOWERY: Harbor Beach

BODINE: Harbor Beach

PLANT: Harbor Beach



District 97:

MOWERY: Ewen-Trout Creek

BODINE: Ewen-Trout Creek

PLANT: Ewen-Trout Creek 

District 98:

MOWERY: Dollar Bay

BODINE: Dollar Bay

PLANT: Dollar Bay

District 99:

MOWERY: Powers North Central

BODINE: Hannahville Nah Tah Wahsh

PLANT: Powers North Central

District 100:

MOWERY: Munising

BODINE: Munising

PLANT: Munising

District 101:

MOWERY: Rudyard

BODINE: Rudyard

PLANT: Rudyard

District 102:

MOWERY: Mackinaw City

BODINE: Mackinaw City

PLANT: Mackinaw City

District 103:

MOWERY: Alanson

BODINE: Alanson

PLANT: Alanson

District 104:


BODINE: Onaway

PLANT: Onaway

District 105:

MOWERY: Ellsworth

BODINE: Ellsworth

PLANT: Ellsworth

District 106:

MOWERY: Lake Leelanau St. Mary

BODINE: Traverse City Christian

PLANT: Lake Leelanau St. Mary

District 107:

MOWERY: Frankfort

BODINE: Frankfort

PLANT: Frankfort

District 108:


BODINE: Baldwin

PLANT: Baldwin

District 109:




District 110:

MOWERY: Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart

BODINE: Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart

PLANT: Mt. Pleasant Sacred Heart

District 111:

MOWERY: Midland Calvary Baptist

BODINE: Midland Calvary Baptist

PLANT: Midland Calvary Baptist

District 112:


BODINE: Kinde North Huron

PLANT: Kinde North Huron

District 113:

MOWERY: Fruitport Calvary Christian

BODINE: Fruitport Calvary Christian

PLANT: Fruitport Calvary Christian

District 114:

MOWERY: Wyoming Tri-unity Christian

BODINE: Wyoming Tri-unity Christian

PLANT: Wyoming Tri-unity Christian

District 115:

MOWERY: New Buffalo

BODINE: New Buffalo

PLANT: New Buffalo

District 116:

MOWERY: Climax-Scotts

BODINE: Climax-Scotts

PLANT: Climax-Scotts

District 117:

MOWERY: Webberville

BODINE: Webberville

PLANT: Webberville

District 118:

MOWERY: Bellevue

BODINE: Bellevue

PLANT: Bellevue

District 119:



PLANT: Burr Oak

District 120:

MOWERY: Hillsdale Academy

BODINE: Hillsdale Academy

PLANT: Hillsdale Academy

District 121:

MOWERY: Petersburg Summerfield

BODINE: Petersburg Summerfield

PLANT: Petersburg Summerfield

District 122:

MOWERY: Taylor Trillium Academy

BODINE: Taylor Trillium Academy

PLANT: Taylor Trillium Academy

District 123:

MOWERY: Detroit Douglass

BODINE: Detroit Douglass

PLANT: Detroit Douglass

District 124:

MOWERY: Plymouth Christian

BODINE: Plymouth Christian

PLANT: Plymouth Christian

District 125:

MOWERY: Southfield Christian

BODINE: Southfield Christian

PLANT: Southfield Christian

District 126:

MOWERY: Clarkston Everest Collegiate

BODINE: Clarkston Everest Collegiate

PLANT: Clarkston Everest Collegiate

District 127:

MOWERY: Genesee Christian

BODINE: Genesee Christian

PLANT: Genesee Christian

District 128:

MOWERY: Dryden

BODINE: Dryden

PLANT: Dryden