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STATE CHAMPS! SCOUT TEAM: December Eye Test — Junior IHSAA linebackers just getting their due

By: SCOTT M. BURNSTEIN, December 20, 2020, 4:58 pm

IHSAA Early-Winter Football Recruiting Watch List — Class of ’22 Linebackers

Here are ten guys to keep an eye out for on the recruiting trail in the offseason:

(alphabetical order)

Tyson Garrett (Roncalli 6-foot-0, 210 pounds) — Pound-for-pound can go toe-to-toe with any defensive player in the state, the definition of toughness.

David Jones (Marion 6-1, 195) — Showing flashes of brilliance sideline to sideline, made huge strides from August to November, hybrid hustle-and-flow all day long: a prototypical “viper,” playing between outside linebacker and safety.

Otto Kyler (Zionsville 6-2, 200) — Smart, rangy and rugged, what every recruiter is looking for at the position.

Mason McMullen (Valparaiso 6-0, 200) — Plays faster than he looks, goes 150 MPH every snap, leaders, student of the game.

Mariere “Mo” Omonode (West Lafayette 6-2, 240) — Straight beast mode 24/7, Mo plants ball carriers in the ground and then dances on their graves.

Braxton Sampson (Northview 6-2, 205) — Hits like a ton of bricks, quick on his feet, great natural instinct to find the ball.

Brendan Segal (Lafayette Jefferson 6-0, 210) — Might be the best middle linebacker in the state.

Jake Simpson & Ryan Flores (Hobart 6-0, 180) — This pair spearheads the “Violent Gentlemen” defense and does with efficiency, tenacity and swagger.

Keoke Toomer (Ben Davis 6-1, 195) — One of the most intriguing prospects in the Circle City right now, shows all the right moves for success at the next level.