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STATE CHAMPS! SCOUT TEAM: Running & gunning in Northwest Indiana — Sophomore hoopsters having big springs

By: SCOTT M. BURNSTEIN, May 8, 2021, 11:46 am

Northwest Indiana class of ’23 boys basketball offseason watch list

This Backcourt Crop Is Dripping With Finesse — Here are a half-dozen hardwood hustlers to keep your eye on these next few months:

1 Ashton Williamson (Calumet 6-foot-2) — Nuclear weapon of a point guard poised for a deluge of scholarship offers in the coming months.

2 Quintin Floyd (Gary 21st Century 6-4) — Pure nastiness as a silky-smooth wing guard.

3 Jordan Woods (Hammond 6-2) — Simply a sleeping giant in the recruiting world right now.

4 Kamari Slaughter (Portage 6-5) — Attacks in the open floor like few others in the state, crafty in his technique, knows how to game the game. 

5 Braeden Shrewsberry (West Lafayette 6-2) — Epitome of a gunner, with a soft touch and a closer’s mentality.

6 Jamie Hodges (Michigan City 5-10) — Motor, moxie and mad finishing ability.