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STATE CHAMPS! SCOUT TEAM: The Eye Test — A fresh field general frenzy of new QBs across the IHSAA

By: SCOTT M. BURNSTEIN, September 3, 2020, 2:43 pm

Here are a half-dozen new starting QBs across Hoosierland who have caught Burney’s eye:

(in alphabetical order)

Nathan McCahill (Indianapolis Cathedral 6-0 Sr.) — A star is born, any questions? This young man has that Circle City gunslinger mode locked and loaded.

John McCall (Hamilton Southeastern 6-4 Sr.) — Made the switch from the secondary and is looking mighty fine threading those needles down field for Royals Nation, expect a big season.

Nick Patterson (Mooresville 6-2 Soph.) — Pure precision in the pocket, let’s just begin calling him “Nick the Quick” for that pretty and fast delivery.

Brady Preston (Lafayette Jefferson 6-2 Jr.) — Showing flashes of something special in the works; has a gun.

Brennan Stow (Lapel 6-3 Jr.) — About to become a household name in the Hoosierland field general department, going Greys Anatomy surgical so far and taking a scalpel to opposing secondaries.

Zayd Vestal (North Central 6-0 Sr.) — Burney warned people that the Z-Factor was about to unleash the fury in 2020 — kid looks like Andrew Luck already!