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STATE CHAMPS! SCOUT TEAM: UP boys basketball player power rankings — 2021 Season

By: SCOTT M. BURNSTEIN, January 30, 2021, 3:39 pm

UP Boys Basketball Player Power Rankings — 2021 Season

1 Foster Wonders (Iron Mountain 6-5 Sr. G/F) — Signed with Southern Illinois, Wonder could be the GOAT in the UP hoop ranks.

2 Kam Karp (Marquette 6-0 Sr. G) — Best overall athlete in the UP (all-state football WR), fearless floor general, oozing “It” Factor, dynamic performer.

3 Justin Nelson (West Iron County 6-8 Sr. C) — This is one bad, bad man on the blocks, most dominant post presence in the UP.

4 Zach Carlson (Westwood 6-0 Jr. G) — “Mr. Ice” is in the building whenever this kid steps into a gym, coldblooded competitor, cool as a breeze out of the backcourt.

5 Ty Lotterman (Marquette 6-4 Sr. F) — Grinder with motor and moxie, good touch around the rim.

6 Rane Castor (Gladstone 6-3 Sr. G/F) — Slick scorer, deadeye shooter just like his big bro was.

7 Cam Ballard (Gladstone 6-2 Sr. G) — The consummate gym rat, high hardwood IQ, closer’s mentality.

8 James Harnick (Gwinn 6-3 Sr. G/F) — Hustle & Flow Special on the wing.

9 Pablo Salgado (Houghton 6-3 Sr. G/F) — Spanish exchange student who took the UP by storm last season.

10 (tie) Logan Parolini (Norway 6-0 Sr. G) — Scrappy and savvy with a take-no prisoners approach to the game.

10 (tie) Jaden Borseth (Ewen-Trout Creek 6-4 Jr. G) — Playmaker plain and simple.